Current Chapter: 3 ("Conflict")


They populate the majority in Asfaran and are the only known race unable to use magic. Since they cannot use magic, they focus more on sciences and because Asfaran's king is - and always has been - human, Asfaran's culture has a very high respect towards education. Ironically, they are one of the least developed countries at this time, mainly because the education system has vast quality differences throughout the country. The Humans have a strong dislike of Demons and fear they will try to take over the country. In recent years they've had Wovites as slaves on farms, mostly in the northeast, which where brought in by people from Matre`. Humans exist in every country but Vwatnam.

The second largest population in Asfaran, whose magic is only known to be able to use in fighting. There are two types of demons - Symmetric and Asymmetric - named so by whether the markings that cover their entire bodies are symmetric or not. Most are Symmetric, who hate the Asymmetric, thus they tend to live separately and have slight cultural differences. The Symmetrics are more aggressive and focus their values on power, where as the Asymmetrics only attack if they've been provoked and focus their values on family (An Asymmetric demon is only allowed to marry once).
Demons have two hair colors (a combination between blue, red, white, black, yellow; in children, some colors will mix and others dominate another) and have gold, red, teal, or purple eyes (though again, there can be variations). Unlike Humans, Demons allow both men and women to fight in their armies. Demons are also the only race that are carnivorous; their favorite is usually fish, so most Demon territory is by a lake or the sea.

The Elves have generally always kept themselves isolated from the other races living in Asfaran. Like Demons, they have two hair colors (white, blond, brown, or green) and unusual eye colors (blue, green, or purple), but unlike Demons their hair colors or eye colors do not mix into new colors or shades. They use their magic strictly for healing, and supposedly a very skilled Elf could heal even the most dangerous of illnesses; however, most do not train themselves that far. Elves are very intrigued by science and learning, like Humans, but spend more time trying to find the science behind magic.

They are a dog-like race, which can transform into a more animal-like form when they desire to. They are able to use magic for both healing and fighting, but they don't excel at either. They are better at using simply strength.

A race from Vwatnam; they are able to use their magic to make plants grow at a much faster rate than normal, which is one reason they have been enslaved to farms in Asfaran - they can be forced to get the farms produce more produce more quickly.

They are similar to the Ryoka in that they can transform into a more animal-like form, though they have a more wolf-like appearance. The Kaztins live mainly in Kraiss, but also in Matre` and a few in Zuhon and Jagery. They don't get along well with Ryoka.

They mostly live in Matre`, but some also live in Kraiss, Su'son, and Geirna. They have a lizard-like appearance normally, but can transform into a large Dragon when they desire to.

A legendary race the Wovites speak of that live in the ocean around Vwatnam. Their skin is supposedly pure black except for markings that change color depending on their mood.

A race that looked just like Humans, but were able to use magic, and also seemingly limitlessly. Supposedly, they no longer exist - if they even did.

When one is half of two races, they can transform into being complete one of the races for a limited amount of time, and after which must be completely of the other race for the same amount of time. (The time is not always the same, however, so some believe its more on how much energy was used in one form and how much then needs to be restored)

Asfaran's government is a monarchy, currently led by Human King Kyazi. A few of Asfaran's Demon leaders support switching to a democracy, but they not advocate this desire aloud because the humans love their monarch and think a switch to democracy would only bring anarchy or a dictator (who they fear would be a Demon). All positions are inherited.

Main Ruler: The king, Kyazi
Age: 31
Came to power at age 17; has currently ruled for 14 years.

Sub Rulers:

Symmetric Demon;
Age: 24
Territory capital: Akarin
The first ruling female in Asfaran; She became leader when she was sixteen after her father and human step-mother (no relation to her) died. She supports Asfaran changing to a democracy.

Asymmetric Demon
Age: 18
Territory capital: Shiki
Took rule at age fourteen - parents killed by Zaren's forces. He has a rather neutral opinion about the monarch.

Symmetric Demon
Age: 48
Territory capital: Kazachi
He enjoys his position and doesn't plan to give it up until he dies. He supports Asfaran becoming a democracy and he has greatly influenced his people's thinking in that direction - so much so they are already willing to fight for it.

Age: 29
Territory capital: Direi (also country capital)
One of the most popular current rulers; many Asfarian leaders would rather have him as leader then his older brother. He does not support Asfaran getting a democracy not because he fears Demons getting a chance at power but because he knows the country would go to war over the issue, and he would rather avoid that at all costs.

Age: 27
Territory capital: Munari
Most known for letting the enslavement of Wovites become incredibly popular in his territory, even though he did not support it. Like Teho, he doesn't isn't for or against getting a democracy.

Age: 25
Territory capital: Bizake
Not trusted or well-liked by any of the other leaders or his own people. He doesn't want a democracy in Asfaran because he, like most Humans believe, thinks that giving Demons a chance to rule the country would be dangerous.

The rulers before Bazchin aren't mentioned here because they aren't important in any way to the story and I'm not going to get that thorough about this...

Bazchin's Rule

King Bazchin was the previous ruler, and he was incredibly well-liked by everyone. During his reign, violence was very minimal between races. This generation became very much into the mixing of races in towns and villages, and some marriages between races occurred. King Bazchin was able to achieve this by having each lord visit him bimonthly to update him on the situations in their territories and what their people wanted. He was well-spoken and good at finding solutions when people were in conflict. He created regulations on pricing, ensuring Humans did not overcharge Demons when selling them meat or fish, which was another source of conflict between the two. He was not able to help the Asymmetrics and Symmetrics resolve their differences, but even under his rule they fought considerably less.

During his rule there was one economically bad year which had a few violent attacks between races, but all were isolated incidents. During one such incident Lord Sraven's (Zaren's father) wife was killed, but he later remarried a Human named Nori. His people did not take it well, but tried to tolerate it.

King Bazchin was assassinated while the king was having one of his bimonthly meetings with his subrulers. The Humans immediately blamed the Demons for his death, which outraged the Demons. To this day, they do not know who really killed him.

Kyazi's Rule (current)

Kyazi took the side against the Demons, and almost immediately created a law forbidding Demons to leave their own territories unless they signed an "Allegiance Pledge", promising they wouldn't hurt or kill any Humans. To add insult to injury, he also repealed the regulations on pricing which the Demons had come to appreciate. Many towns and villages switched to being "Human Only" or "Demon Only", and the Asymmetric and Symmetric Demons conflict grew worse because they wanted to handle the situation differently. The Symmetrics wanted to immediately seek out revenge while the Asymmetrics wanted to comply and leave them alone.

During Kyazi's rule, the arranged marriage between Cevin's son and Sraven's daughter (Rafiko and Zaren) was called off because Cevin had had it with humans and could no longer tolerate Sraven and his human wife, and their halfling son. In later years, Sraven and Nori, and presumebly their halfling son, were killed one evening, leaving Zaren as the only one fit to rule. Many theories went around as to what exactly happened, the most popular being that Cevin hired someone to kill them.

The Ryoka, which had been sitting on the fence between the conflicts mostly, finally ended up siding with the Humans after a few years. Many Ryoka had been living south in Demon territory, but they slowly began to move out into Human territory, especially after the Humans began to charge even more outrageous prices on goods. Angered, Lord Cevin sent several armies out to destroy many villages and cities where Ryoka were living. The worst took place in Inochi, in which only a few were left a live, and most were not all in one piece.

Kyazi also created a law to protect the legality of the enslavement of Wovites, which most Humans had little issue against. The Demons, on the other hand, despise it and do not allow it into their territories at all.

Asfaran: The country where the story takes place! Asfaran has a bad reputation with the other countries, mainly because of all the internal strife amongst its citizens.

Matre`: The largest country in their known world and second most advanced with technology. One of the two countries with democracy, and though they like to leave Asfaran alone they have tried to push it towards democracy.

Kraiss: The most technologically advanced country in their known world. Their people are very keen into where money can be made - to put it simply, when Asfarans' people started to get on each other's nerves, Kraiss started on making guns for them. Kraiss thinks themselves above nearly every country but Matre`, who they frequently aid with technology. Though Kraiss has better technology, Matre` has nearly four times the population - so Kraiss wouldn't dream of going against them.

Su'son: One of the countries which borders Matre`.

Geirna: The smallest known country, touches only by Su'son and the ocean.

Zuhon: A country very similar to Kraiss in culture, and pretty much the only country that holds respect towards Asfaran.

Jagery: A country that neighbors Jagery and supports Matre`'s pushes towards getting Asfaran a democracy.

Vwatnam: The least developed country; where the Wovites lived before Kraiss enslaved them and began to sell them.

Racial Magic Differences

Humans can't use magic and as a result don't like it. They feel themselves to be at a vast disadvantage because of it.

Demons only know how to use their magic only for fighting. Symmetric Demons have their magic take a physical shape of a weapon, while Asymmetric Demons alter the shape of already existing weapons with their magic. Both types of Demons can create themselves wings, which are physically real (feathers and all that). If a wing is injured and bleeding and they "uncreate" their wings, depending on the severity of the wound they may suffer internal bleeding and die. No Demon uncreates their wings if it injured; they wait until it is healed.

Elves use theirs for healing, though it is rumored they are able to do much more with their magic than the other races. They have done much more research into what magic is and how it works than other races have.

The Ryoka can use magic to heal or fight, but excel at neither of those. Their magic is primarily focused into transforming into their Mahlik Form (basically, their "animal form" where they resemble a dog-like creature). They can stay in their Mahlik form for a considerably long time, but eventually they would experience magic backlash like Halflings do and be forced back into their normal form.

Wovites use their magic to manipulate plants, usually to make them grow at a much quicker rate.

The Kaztins and the Dragons use their magic just like the Ryoka - they can use magic for fighting or healing, but excel at neither, and they also have a Mahlik Form they can transform into. The Kaztins' form resembles more of a wolf, and the dragons naturally look like dragons - unlike the Ryoka, however, their markings, size, colorings, etc. have more variations among their people.

Not much is known about the Zin but they are believed to have magic similar to races like the Ryoka and the Anegi.

The Anegi look exactly like Humans, except sometimes they may have unusual hair or eye colors. They can supposedly use their magic for anything - it has no limits. The Anegi are only a legendary race though, but the wish granter is supposed to be an Anegi.


Halflings are unique in that they can appear to have more power in their magic depending on what races they are. They have the power to transform their appearance to be fully of one of the races they are and have all powers that race has (in other words, they can temporarily not be a halfling). When they're physical appearance changes to take on characteristics of the race they transforming into, their eyes always remain the same even if it is not a natural color for that race. Even if their hair color would be acceptable for the race they're transforming into, their hair usually changes anyway into the same or a similar color of their parent of that race. Also, they can only be in this form a limited time and even if they transform out of it early, they must then stay in the form of the other race that is in their blood for the same amount of time. The elves don't believe it is actually the same time, but a relation between how much magic they used in one form and how much needs to then be recovered in the other.

Things are Halflings that will never be stated in FC: (mostly because this is knowledge they have not yet discovered)

-Halflings are more likely to be male than female

-When Halflings transform into one form, their temperature begins to gradually rise. If they use a lot of magic, it will rise more. When it gets too high, that's when they experience magic backlash (what forces them into their other form). When they go into their other form, their temperature "crashes" and regardless of what their second form is, they will not be able to use magic. Their temperature will start to rise again, and when it gets higher they may be able to use magic again but it would be very weak. When they finally get back to their normal temperature, they experience magic backlash again and go into their normal form. Races like Kaztin and the Ryoka experience changes in temperature and magic backlash when they go into their Mahlik forms.

-If they resist magic backlash, it can be extremely dangerous for them. They will initially get a fever, become dizzy, confused, disorientated. This is the only stage where they still have a chance to transform and reverse the effects of not doing so. If prolonged further, they will either start trembling uncontrollably or start suffering from auditory and/or visual hallucinations. They soon then lose unconsciousness for however long it takes for their body to stabilize itself. For some this doesn't happen and they simply die. The rest do not have necessarily much better fates when they recover. There are three possibilities: If they experienced trembling, they will likely suffer from impaired motor skills (jerky movements, spasms, difficulty walking/moving, etc.). If they experienced hallucinations, their ability to hear and/or see may be permanently damaged. The third (but rarer) possibility is that whichever form they tried to prolong in being becomes their "normal form". While they may suffer from memory loss, an impairment in their ability to understand language, or an impairment in their speaking abilities, they are otherwise fine.

-Dominant Ryoka, Kaztin, Dragon, Zin Characteristics: Hair, Ears, Eyes, Tail, Legs, Feet

-Dominant Human, Anegi Characteristics: Nose, Facial structure, Arms, Hands, Torso, Skin tone

-Dominant Demon, Elf Characteristics: Hair, Eyes, Ears, Nose, Facial structure

(world map coming when I get around to it...)

Humans believe in multiple gods; Their religion is called Asnekerin ("ACE-NECK-ER-IN").
(This is why you will hear Humans exclaiming "Oh the gods!" as opposed to what we say - "Oh my god!")

Demons are atheist. They believe that things happen to people because of their own actions, and there is no "higher power". They do not believe in the Anegi's existence, and if they do they don't like it, because they do not think it is fair for a race or being to exist which can do anything it wants easily and without earning it.

Elves believe in a single god, and their religion is similar to Christianity. They called their religion Aisnera ("ICE-NER-AY").

Kaztins and Dragons are generally atheist, with some who believe in Asnekerin. Ryoka are the opposite - most believe in Asnekerin, and very few are atheists.