Current Chapter: 3 ("Conflict")

An Extended Description...

The country of Asfaran has a legend that the isolated town of Rone is home to a person named Keshi who can grant any wish. In this time of civil unrest, Asfaran's people start hoping it's more than just a legend - and then along comes the fruit merchant whose name is Keshi and who claims to come from Rone. Some people believe he's the wish granter, and are determined to get what they want while others think he's trying to pull an elaborate scam - but Keshi has no idea what they're talking about. He knows nothing about the legend and is appalled that some don't even think his hometown even exists.

Keshi soon finds himself traveling with a half-Ryoka mailman Zev and a mute journalist Rezen on his way back to Rone so he can prove his town exists to somebody...but as knowledge of Keshi's name grows, so does the trouble they encounter. They find themselves discovering the truth behind some of their country's history - such as how the wish granter and Rone became a legend when both are real. Keshi then begins questioning if what he has always believed about himself is true...

Hello Readers...

New or old, you may be wondering what type of story this exactly is. The best way I can describe it is as a little bit of everything. It's got humor, some action, some drama...and even a bit of romance much later on because I can't help myself (haha XD definitely not any "boy love" though, sorry).

I'm sure the initial impression you may have of the story is that it's just going to be a simple story of the confusion resulting from the whole "same name for two completely different people" thing...but that would get old fast, and the story is not quite so simple. By the end of chapter six it'll be more obvious what the real story here is: This is less of a tale about two different people with the same name, and more of a tale about why they do, and the impact of it. There's going to be humor throughout the whole story, of course, but it's going to get more serious too as it progresses.

New readers, I warn you that the initial art is not very good. About half-way through chapter 2 is when it's really starting to decent. I realize the initial poor art and paneling may put you off initially, but I would like to hope you will keep reading because it does get better very quickly. While I could redo the beginning, at the moment I do not have any intention of doing so. Firstly because I would rather continue to progress than continually redo what I've already done. Secondly because...well, a lot of the really popular comics start with amazing art and are consistent with it the whole way through because they were started by either a slightly older & more experienced crowd, or by some kind of prodigy. I was still in high school when I started this, and I am no prodigy. Thus my second reason is that I hope all the other more normal artists like myself who are young and aspiring to draw hope is that they can see how I progressed (and how quickly!) and perhaps it can give them hope too. You know, that everyone starts out not-so-great but we can get better.

This is a long story. At least, I know it will take me a long time to get through since this is a one person creation. There are going to be about 46 chapters, plus a short little epilogue. The good news is that the script is over half-way done, and I do have a complete outline for the rest of the story, so it's only a matter of writing the rest out really...and then, of course, drawing it. :)

Aside from the initial bad art, the only hindrance I have really feared is that people won't stick around long enough to see what I have planned for this. Especially since it is a bit slow to get to the action, but I do consider this to be a more character-driven story than action-driven. I want to finish this story very much, but I find it difficult to find motivation at times if no one besides me seems to care.

So if you would post on the forum, or comment on comic pages, that would be very much appreciated!

I will always read any comments, and I will try to answer any question asked. If you read FC, whether you end up liking it or not, I still much appreciate that you gave it a chance! Thank you. ^_^

Now have some random quotes from the script...XD

(With the who-said-it missing because that makes it more fun...these are just some of my favorite lines haha.)

"Sorry, what was that? I didn't catch it, the wind of absurdity just came by and swooped your words away from me."

-Ch. 5

"You're a mailman, and I'm just a fruit dangerous could we possibly be?"

-Ch. 8

"I don't speak in facial expressions! What the hell does this (*imitates Rezen's shrug & facial expression*) mean? What kind of answer is that?!"

-Ch. 11

"Is this the year of stalking? Everywhere I go, the same people are there..."

-Ch. 15

"I think it's far to assume none of us know why he has magic. Is his name Keshi? Yes. Does he come from Rone? Supposedly. Is he the wish granter? No. Yet he has magic and weird hair..."

-Ch. 20

"We're not criminals!! Frankly, I don't know what's more offensive - that I'm wanted, or that someone was actually
paid to draw this picture that looks nothing like me. Look at it! It's atrocious! A five-year-old could draw better than this! I'm appalled!"

-Ch. 21

"There isn't going to
be a future generation if we don't. Not for the Demons anyway. Even the Ryoka may vanish in the crossfire."

-Ch. 22

"People don't want to forget about who or what they love, even if it's painful sometimes. It's strange, too, that even when we realize we should know better than to love something causing us so much pain...we keep loving it all the same. We can't help it. To hope is to love, and to lose love is to lose hope."

-Ch. 24

"Our country has been like children...always going to the wish granter to make the bad things go away. Always wishing for a perfect world. But a bad thing for one was good for another. You cannot have a perfect world for everyone because everyone does not agree on what is perfect. Yet we kept trying...we were either naive or childish.

Regardless, it is time we all grew up."

-Ch. 46